Make your content valuable

Protect your investment in content management solutions, by enriching your existing systems with VirtualWorks technology. We help you structure and access your data more effectively for a better workplace.

Over the years, many intranets have evolved into large, complex environments, filled with data silos containing vast amounts of information that make it difficult to find precisely what one needs. The digital workplace can thus no longer model employees’ work processes because in the digitization era, these require both structured and non-structured data to make educated decisions. One can solve the dilemma of “searching, finding, and profitably using” all desired information by implementing intelligent solutions when one realizes that the intranet can do far more than list the weekly cafeteria menu.

With intelligent, semantic search mechanisms, important information for employees and management can be uncovered, in order to receive actionable insights for an increased competitive advantage.

Our search and information retrieval solutions help businesses getting more our of their existing data in their existing systems, and offer an easy to implement, easy to use, intuitive but completely flexible platform, that cuts down time of employees searching for information and thus makes them more effective.

More Effective Workforce

Average office workers spend 2 hours per day searching for information. Lower the search time, save money and enhance satisfaction rates with ViaWorks.

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Easy To Handle

ViaWorks is extremely easy to use and requires little to no training. If you can use Google, you can use ViaWorks.

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All Content Connected

With over 60 out of the box connectors, extracting information from data sources is made very easy in ViaWorks.

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Create Your Own Experience

Use filters to personally shape the data the way you want, and save your settings.

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Semantic Analysis

ViaWorks scans through all your documents and extracts meaningful information to help users while searching.

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Security is King

ViaWorks is Single Sign On enabled, and respects the security mechanisms of every source system that's being indexed.

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Lightning Fast

ViaWorks returns results in sub-second response times to animate users to browse data repositories with fun and more engagement.

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ViaWorks is able to grow with your success. No matter your actual size, ViaWorks can grow with your company up to enterprise level.

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The Beauty Of Open Source

Leverage existing Open Source SolR configurations and benefit from our value-adding enhancements like connectors, analytics and front end frameworks.

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It Blends Right In

ViaWorks can be easily embedded into any existing front end layer, like your CMS, CRM, DMS or any other system.


Our success-stories

VirtualWorks has a highly pleased customer base, which spreads over more than 250 clients from a variety of different industries and verticals, like construction, energy, financial, governments and many more.

We remove efficiency bottlenecks for both our customers, and their employees and customers as well. They find information much faster and easier, in their corporate network and on their customer facing website, increasing efficiency, boost engagement for more online revenue, and lower call volumes in customer service centers.

Here are some examples of our customers: